GG Splash

I am pleased to tell you that I will soon be premiering “Guitar Girl,” a twice-monthly webcomic.

I’m working now on getting the website, guitargirlonline.net, up to speed, and drawing comics so I’m enough ahead to stay on schedule. Am I excited??? OH YES.

Now, as much as I’d like to come out of the gate with the skill level of Assigned Male, Girl Genius or Something Positive, the fact is that this is a learning process. I’m still getting anatomy, perspective, shading, pacing, and color theory down.

But (and you’ll hear this again), if you wait until you’re good enough, you never will.

How can YOU help? First, please like the Guitar Girl FaceBook page. Then share it with your friends list. Second, hop over to the guitargirlonline.net page and let me know, here, on my personal page, or on Twitter, what you think.

Strapped in? Helmet tight? Cool. Let’s go. Because sometimes, all you need is six strings and an attitude.

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